CRP Developers

The first version of CRP was developed in about a weekend by Dirk Grunwald ( and then extended by Dirk and Dan Connors ( This version was used for MICRO 2001. Dirk's motivation for this was that he was chair of ISCA 2002, had tried all the other review systems and found them a little wanting. Since then, the majority of the development work for CRP has done by Dirk Grunwald, although numerous people have added features & extensions. Additional modifications were done by students of Brad Calder at UCSD (in particular, Michael Van Biesbrouck) for MICRO 2003. Changes were also done by nameless slaves inside Intel when the package was used for an Intel internal conference. Ratul Mahajan at the Univ. of Washington made further changes for SIGCOMM 2003. Dirk has done most of the integration of changes into the CVS repository in late 2003 & Roy Want from Intel Labs suffered through finding the bugs in that integration.